Route 66 Memories

Route 66 is more than just a map or a strip of pavement.
It’s a state of mind.
It lives on in the memories of those who have traveled or read about it.

Route 66 highway signsFirst came the dust bowl emigrants on their way to a better life in California, followed later by troop convoys heading to the battle fields, and then the weary soldiers wending their way back home.

Soon there were tourists -thousands of tourists – traveling Route 66 on the vacation trip of a lifetime.
The spirit of Route 66 continues to live today for those who take the time to discover the mysteries of America’s most famous highway to adventure.

The fascinating mixture of American history, nostalgia, and adventure brings travelers from all over the world to experience the romance of a simpler time, when life moved at a slower pace. No two experiences are ever quite the same.

Whether you made the trip yesterday or more than 50 years ago, we invite you to share those memories and become an important part of recorded history in our  “Route 66 Memory Album.”